Brothers & sisters time for you come you get good training courses in south Africa Johannesburg germiston town free Accommodation & if you training 2 course you get 1 course for free call now REG NO:2015/203718/07                                                                                IF YOU TRAINING 2 COURSE YOU WELL GET FORKLIFT COURSE FOR FREE FREE ACCOMMODATION ANY COURSE YOU WANT FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT NOW WHATS-APP OR RILEY TRAINING CENTRE KNOWLEDGE IS KEY INVESTMENT SCHOOL OFFICE TEL. WHATS-APP NOW FOR TRAINING COURSE. LIKE OPERATORS MACHINE $ WELDING COURSE OR HEALTH AND SAFETY AND OTHERS COURSES CONTACT NOW  +27731412722 1)forklift course  —- R 800 2)bulldozer course—-R 3500 3)Drill Rig—————-R 5500 4)TLB course———–R2500 5)Excavator course—-R3500 6)Grader course———-R3500 7) ADT Dump truck course———-R3500 777dump truck———————–R 5500 8)Bob course————————R 3000 9)Tower course———————-R 3800 10)Mobile crane——————–R 3500 11)front end loader course——–R 2800 12)Road Roller course————R 3300 13)Reach stacker course———R 4000 14)overhead crane course———-R 3800 15)Telescopic Boom Handler course ———R 3800 16)Reach Truck————————————–R 2500 17)LHD Scoop course—————————–R 4300 18)Combined Rigid Vehicle course————R 19)First aid course————————————R 900 20)Dangerous goods———————————R 1900 21)Fire Fighting course—————————— R 3000 22)Rigging course————————————–R 3500 23)Brick Laying course—————————–R 6000 24)Paving course————————————–R 6000 WELDING COURSES, IF YOU WANT ANY CERTIFICATE OR RENEWAL EXPIRED CERTIFICATE CALL NOW 1)Plumbing course————————R 6000 2)Electrical course————————R 6000 3)Refrigeration course——————–R 6000 4)Fitter $ Turner course——————R 7000 5)Stick welding course——————–R 5500 6)Gas welding——————————–R 5500 7)Boiler Maker course———————-R 5500 8)C02 Welding course———————-R 5000 9)Aluminium welding course————–R 8000 10)Plasma Cutting welding course——-R 6000 11)Building $ Construction course———-R 6000 12)Electrical Engineering course————-R 6000 13Cutting Torch course————————–R 6000 14) Steel welding course————————–R 7000 15Carpentry course———————————R 6000 16)TI G Welding course—————————-R 5500 17)Mug welding course 18)Arc Welding course—————————–R 5000 OTHERS COURSES CALL OR WHATS-APP    +27731412722 1,IF YOU WANT ANY CERTIFICATE OR RENEWAL EXPIRED CERTIFICATE CONTACT NOW WE ‘LL TALK ABOUT IT ALSO DRIVING LESSONS ALL CODES CODE (8) CODE (10) CODE 14 CALL NOW ANY COURSE YOU WANT FREE ACCOMMODATION _Electrical Engineering course _Mechanical Engineering course _ Others course like 1) introduction to computer 2)Microsoft word processing 3)Microsoft Excel 4)Microsoft power point 5)Corel draw package 6) Photoshop packages Please more information contact for Appointment WE HELP OUR STUDENTS TO GET JOB AFTER TRAINING COURSE IF YOU COMING TO START COURSE DON’T FORGET YOUR CVS TIME YOU COMING,TO START COURSE 739 TO OUR TRAINING SCHOOL WE HAVE OFFER IF YOU TRAINING COURSES YOU GET FREE FORKLIFT COURSE,DON’T FORGET FREE ACCOMMODATION ANY COURSE YOU WANT We located high road street in germiston town domestic fridge,commercial,compressor testing, & aircon installation,repair, 5weeks training course Electrical engineering,duration Free accommodation . CALL +27731412722