The position involves marketing on all fronts. That includes Direct Marketing — physically getting out into the field, doing a presentation to close the sale; Online Marketing — using your marketing skills to advertise the product to generate sales; using Social Media, actively going out prospecting and using every marketing strategy there is to generate and produce sales. You can create and manage a team to make the sales on your behalf, as long as the SALES are produced. The name of the game is sales. You need the skill of salesmanship to earn between R6 – R12K on basic + comm p.m. There is a future of rapid promotion to management.  We are driven by a sense of urgency as we recover from COVID-19 and plan to expand countrywide very quickly. If you do not know marketing or at least only sales, with respect, this is not for you. Having studied marketing is good but you need practical sales experience. Every business operates on the actual sales produced or a service delivered to customers. If you are willing to learn we will train you provided you accept that you will only earn when you produce the sales. If you are fresh out of school do our professional sales course at a discount price and then work for our company. After your 9th sale you will have the money you paid refunded in full. Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Robert Kyosaki all became billionaires having started out in sales. You have to have the experience or the confidence of talking to people to succeed in life and sales is the best way to learn this… If you relate to what you’ve just read, you’ve got a job and we need you. Send your CV to: immediately if not sooner!