Over the course of the last few years, the concept of buying second-hand goods have become the new normal.  As such it comes as no surprise that crime on free classified ad platforms have escalated over the years, but luckily, so have safety precautions.

It’s no secret that by eliminating the middleman, items in perfect condition are at your fingertips, POST and Ad invites you to enjoy their free online classified services and make and save money on a safe digital platform. Referring to their Safety Tips When Buying And Selling, Postandad has your protection beyond the digital platform at heart; keep your pocket safe, and your transaction process safer. Here are 4 safety tips buying and selling on a classifieds:

Always bring a plus-one

So, you’ve done the hard work, the negotiations, the collaborations, and you’re ready to collect your new pre-loved item. Despite how excited you are about the exchange, always ensure that you have a plus-one who can join you during the transaction.Refrain from meeting in secluded areas, in fact – avoid it as far as possible. Your meeting should ALWAYS take place in an open area that enjoys high feet traffic, like shopping malls and coffee shops. Always take care to have these meetings in daylight; night-time is relax-time, daylight is for business.

Avoid meeting at a residential address

While you’re reaching for your mobile phone to arrange that meeting, keep in mind that your home is yours. Meetings with strangers can be arranged in a multitude of other places. If the item you’re selling or buying is large, avoiding a residential address may be difficult. Should this happen – you will likely need a plus-three, for transporting purposes. Remember safety is always in numbers, the higher the number, the better the safety.

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is

If there is one piece of advice that should be kept close to home, it’s this: Trust your instincts and if the deal sounds too good to be true, believe that it likely is.

We often praise ourselves in that we’ve found the deal of a lifetime on a free online classifieds site, sadly more often than not, these ‘deals’ are designed to draw attention and rarely end well. Look out for the following warning signs when communicating with a ‘too-good-to-be-true’ seller.

Grammatical Errors

Transactions are at times conducted from different countries, Gmail-accounts in particular, are often hard to pinpoint. When communicating with your free ad seller, look out for tense and spelling errors in their sentences, because often these scams originate from Eastern countries. Pay close attention to detail and draw as much information as you possibly can from the seller. The longer the written communication is, the easier it will be to fish out grammatical faults and tell-tale errors or contradictions.

These could be indicative of an international classified ad fraudster playing the field. These scenarios have been recorded to take place in the animal breeding sector. Any free advertising deal that includes a magnitude of benefits for a fraction of the price, should be regarded as suspicious. Purebred animal dealers MUST have a KUSA License and to avoid being out of pocket, you have every right to ask for it.

Keep yourself safe and watch out for our next blog topic – reading holds knowledge, and you never know when it may come in handy.

Until next time!

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